Who is InstallNET?

Our Guiding Principle

...is to make a personal connection in a fast paced world

Life and business are about people. The pace of change and disruption is accelerating and we all feel the pressure to keep up in both our personal lives and our business lives. We work hard to make a difference in the world. InstallNET strives to make each interaction with people a little friendlier and a little more welcoming, reaffirming our underlying belief in people, and showing we care about their happiness and success.

We promote a sense of belonging by building a team that cares about people. We look at people as individuals and seek ways to help them be more successful.

Our Mission

InstallNET's mission is to be the core national service network for the office furniture and facility services industry through relationships built on trust, processes resulting in industry-setting standards, and integration of e-commerce platforms.

Our Core Values and Beliefs

Our core values and beliefs are the reason why we are in this business. It is why we show up every day and goes beyond the financial benefits of the company. They are what guides, motivates and inspires us to continually improve InstallNET.

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So often we hear about what we do wrong & never what we do right. I just wanted to let you know how ...

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Fun Facts

InstallNET went from 5 employees in 1999 to 41 employees in 2007 – that’s an average growth rate of 22% per year.

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