Vince Cellini Leadership Award 2009


Vince Cellini was the first employee of InstallNET and played a critical role in the early years of the company. We were extremely fortunate to have such a unique and dedicated employee on our team from the very first day of business. Vince worked tirelessly to help a small company grow into the successful firm it is today. He played a significant role in developing the processes and standards that are still used by our project managers and installers. Unfortunately, Vince passed away unexpectedly in June 2005.

Vince was always professional, humble and kind. A quiet leader, he was always fair and compassionate and his integrity was never questioned. With a great sense of humor, Vince was a friend to all he met.

In memory of Vince and his contributions to our company, InstallNET established the Vince Cellini Leadership Award in 2007. It honors an individual who embodies the same outstanding qualities Vince possessed. Past winners of the award are Bill Miller from Houston Installation Services and Mike Teets from Elite Office Logistics.

Although this award is usually presented at the Service Providers conference, InstallNET felt it was appropriate to continue the presentation of this special award. The recipients of the 2009 Vince Cellini Leadership Award are:

Eric Golbek and Jim Skillen, partners and owners of Installation Concepts, Inc. in Paterson, New Jersey.

Pictured above: Jim Skillen (left), Steve Bonhag (center), Eric Golbek (right)
Although this award is usually presented to an individual, it was difficult for us to recognize only one half of the ICI-NJ team. As close business partners, Eric and Jim operate as one and have provided outstanding leadership and support to the network since its inception. They have been active participants in numerous InstallNET events over the years and both individually possess all the attributes InstallNET appreciated and valued in Vince.

Steve Bonhag made the surprise presentation while in New Jersey for a customer walk-through.   Although not surprised that Steve would stop by, Eric and Jim were both speechless when presented with the award.   Both were good friends of Vince and were honored to be recognized with an Award in his name.

Congratulations Erik and Jim!


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